An essay on aristotles account of friendship

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An essay on aristotles account of friendship

Aristotle on Friendship Term Paper Pages: He distinguishes them from one another on the basis of the manner of their generation, their defining characteristics, and their relative value to human beings. In general, Aristotle argued that friendship is one of the most significant human relationships, even suggesting that one type of friendship friendship of virtue trumps even highly important concepts such as law and justice.

In particular, Aristotle suggested that while friendships of utility and pleasure fulfill specific and important human needs, it is friendship of virtue that deserves the greatest esteem and that represents the highest form of friendship.

Aristotle's characterization and analyses of the three different types of friendships is largely consistent with contemporary ideas about human relationships.

An essay on aristotles account of friendship

In that regard, friendship of utility would correspond to functional symbiosis between and among individuals who contribute elements valued and appreciated by others and for which each friend reciprocates in kind.

Friendship of pleasure would correspond to those friendships based on or inspired by mutual affinity for similar but relatively superficial interests. Finally, friendships of virtue would correspond to friendships based on shared values and fundamental beliefs.

Naturally, friendships of that type would be consistent with Aristotle 's characterization as the most substantial and important of the three different types of friendships enjoyed by human beings. The form of that value may be bartered services, paid services, or simply reciprocal favors of any sort that are roughly equivalent in the degree to which they are appreciated by the individuals involved in the friendship.

The modern-day analog of Aristotle's characterization might include the friendly relations shared by a shopkeeper and a regular customer, business partners, or neighbors who take turns watering or mowing one another's lawn.

While the human community thrives on these kinds of relationships, they are superficial because they do not require that the individuals involved necessarily share anything substantial.

Aristotle account of friendship in the nicomachean ethics Vermont Swansea, Ottawa, Wichita, Rhode Island aristotle account of friendship in the nicomachean ethics Montana english essay a visit in. Additionally, the arguments made here explain both the ethical and political importance of friendship for Aristotle. Aristotle categorizes friendships into three categories: friendships of utility, friendships of pleasure, and friendships of the good (). Michel de Montaigne is regarded as the father of the essay. We tend to define the essay as a deductive genre: I have my point to make, and I will take these prescribed, recognizable steps to convince you of my point. This is how students are taught to write, and it is a formula as old as Aristotle, a formula rooted in.

Therefore, friendships of utility typically form quickly even spontaneously and they may end abruptly, such as anytime the need that created the friendship in the first place ceases to exist.

While this may be true in many respects, it may be the least accurate of Aristotle's observations, simply because with advanced age often comes additional psychological maturity that enables individuals to best appreciate and more readily form the types of friendships that Aristotle describes as being the most substantial, meaningful, and valuable of all human friendships: Despite having been formulated millennia ago, Aristotle's general conception of friendships of utility perfectly describes the modern-day relationship between superficial friendly acquaintances who may or may not ever actually come to know one another on any meaningful level.

That would include the friendships between patrons who frequent restaurants or other service-oriented or product-oriented places of business and their proprietors or that formed between customers and their hired professionals.

The friends need one another for specific reasons and may indeed share genuine pleasantries, but their relationship is built around the superficiality of their need for one another's specific contribution to the relationship.

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Such friendships can end abruptly or be replaced without significant loss on either part and even a long-lasting friendship of this type may never develop any greater substance to it than existed on the day that the friends first met, regardless of the duration of the friendship.

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Sep 24,  · I've checked wikipedia and racked my brains but I can't find or remember the name of the essay. I saw one written by Plato, but I'm sure thats a different one. Did Aristotle even write such an essay?

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Aristotle on the Friendships of Utility and Pleasure Kenneth D. Alpern IT HASCOMMONLYbeen held that of the three forms of friendship distinguished by Aristotle in the Nicomachean Ethics, only in the paradigm form--friendship on account of the good (i.e., virtue)do the friends exhibit disinterested' concern for each other.

In this essay I will outline what Aristotle said about friendship in the Nichomachaen Ethics and highlight possible flaws in his timberdesignmag.comship for Aristotle (and Greeks in general), as mentioned above, is much broader than the definition given in the O.E.D.

Aristotle regards less intimate bonds as friendships as well as the intimate relationship in the modern definition. An essay or paper on Definition of Friendship; The book of Aristotles Ethical Principles. Friendship is undoubtedly one of the most important elements in the books of Aristotle"s ethical principles.

Aristotle takes the idea of friendship to a serious degree.

An essay on aristotles account of friendship

He categorizes them into three groups or types of friendships. This report will attempt to define each type of friendship as well a.

The Explanatory Priority of Final Causes In the Physics, Aristotle builds on his general account of the four causes in order to provide the student of nature with the explanatory resources indispensable for a successful investigation of the natural world.

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