Benedict arnold americas double agent

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Benedict arnold americas double agent

I just have to absolutely disagree with the characterization of Benedict Arnold as egotistical and treacherous. A man is judged by his deeds. His service in Quebec was a disaster, and whatever field exploits he enjoyed at Saratoga, such were the advantages enjoyed there by the Rebels that Gates was assured of victory anyway.

Protest The Hero said: His newlywed Loyalist wife, who was in on his treason up to her pretty little eyebrows Money: I think you made a pretty good argument for that yourself. Remember that even the British were disgusted with him.

And as a life long native of Connecticut, I am well aware of how my fellow Nutmegger spent most of his British military career burning our own state to the ground.

Being a British regimental colonel or brigadier of some garrison somewhere, or serving in a line command in New York is one thing.

Turning fire, rapine, and pillaging upon your own once neighbors is another. OTL, the defection of Benedict Arnold caused outraged and galvanized the population more than anything, but if it came at the same time as a perception of losing or of the tide turning, the defection of someone so high up would be heavily demoralizing.Nov 19,  · So what if he became aware of Benedict Arnold's discontent and convinced Arnold to appear to be a traitor but actually be a triple agent feeding the British disinformation and sabotaging some of their efforts once they made him a general in their forces?

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Benedict arnold americas double agent

History books are replete with heroic stories of Washington, Jefferson, and Adams, but what of Allen. Reviews, essays, books and the arts: the leading international weekly for literary culture.

Lafayette was a slave who volunteered to serve the Continental Army as a double agent, pretending to be a runaway who defected to the British.

In this guise, he . Unfortunately for Arnold, Major Andre was intercepted days later with letters revealing his involvement and the treasonous plot was foiled.

Benedict arnold americas double agent

Shortly after Arnold’s desertion, Sergeant Major John Champe embarked on an elaborate double-agent spy mission to bring him to justice, but the plan was stymied at the last minute and Arnold escaped. For years, authors have artfully sketched Arnold as Lucifer in the play about America’s birth.

They paint a picture so clouded that not even modern-day historians can remove the grime long enough to notice a string of convenient coincidences in the tale.

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