Consumer, medical profession and negligence essay

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Consumer, medical profession and negligence essay

But here we see the system in action: Emerald Point the plaintiff was clobbered from behind with a shovel while in the parking lot of the Emerald Point bar. As summarized by the court: Plaintiff settled his claim as against Emerald Point and pursues an action against the remaining defendants, one of which is Sean Frey, who plaintiff alleges assisted in his assault.

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At no time has plaintiff been able to identify Mr. Frey as his attacker, and no witness testified or came forward demonstrating that Mr.

Frey was in any way connected with the attack on Mr. Frey claims that while he was present at the bar that evening, he had no involvement whatsoever in any assault. Frey testified that he was Consumer employed or in any way connected with Emerald Point other than as a patron. Frey, but when on to excoriate the suit against him, and discussed the two standards for punitive sanctions in New York; one is a Rule of Court for frivolous conduct and the other legislatively derived for frivolous suits.

This is a long block quote, which generally sucks in a blog posting. Turning to the issue of costs and sanctions, the Court notes that conduct is frivolous and can be sanctioned under 22 NYCRR They are also goal oriented, in that they are useful in deterring future frivolous conduct not only by the particular parties, but also by the bar at large.

The goals include preventing the waste of judicial resources, and deterring vexatious litigation and dilatory or malicious litigation tactics. In the instant case, it is clear from the submissions that the evidence demonstrated that Mr. Frey had no connection with the assault on plaintiff.

Seeley never identified his attacker, and the evidence, which is unrefuted, demonstrates that Frey was not employed by Emerald Point nor did he participate in any assault. Plaintiffs were given multiple opportunities to discontinue the action against Frey, even in light of the compelling evidence demonstrating his non-participation.

Plaintiffs failed to do so, and such conduct can be construed as nothing less than frivolous conduct. A similar alternate imposition of costs and financial sanctions is available under the Rules of the Chief Administrator of the Courts for frivolous conduct in pursuit of such litigation 22 NYCRR Subpart Once there is a finding of frivolousness, sanction is mandatory Grasso v.

The Court hereby directs that a hearing shall be held on September 8, at 9: It would be nice, of course, to one day find a decision where a judge sanctions a defendant for frivolous defenses.

Perhaps that day will come.While Texas plaintiffs lawyers have been leaving in droves from nursing home and medical malpractice litigation in the wake of tort reform, San Antonio’s Glenn Cunningham is still doing it. Regulates the profession of Allopathic medicine by constituting Medical Council of India (MCI) and the State Medical Councils.

State Medical Councils are empowered to take disciplinary action when prescribed standards of professionals conduct and etiquette or Code of Ethics are not observed by the doctors and violations of which constitute professional misconduct / Infamous conduct.

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Consumer, medical profession and negligence essay

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