Define democracy and dictatorship in your own words politics essay

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Define democracy and dictatorship in your own words politics essay

Democracy vs Dictatorship Essay Sample

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access Democracy vs Dictatorship Essay Sample In a democratic form of government the ultimate power lies in the hands of the people and they play a very important role in the governing process.

It is a government which is based on the consent of the people, while a dictatorial government is a government by one man or a group of persons who acquire power either through force or by force and consent both.

In a dictatorship, power is exercised in an arbitrary manner. In a democratic government, people elect their representatives and every person enjoys equal political rights; in a dictatorial form of government the head of the state is not elected.

In a democracy people enjoy rights and liberties.

Define democracy and dictatorship in your own words politics essay

These are guaranteed in the constitution. But in a dictatorial form of government there is absolute denial of civil liberties and people are denied equal rights. In a democratic government people can freely discuss the policies of the government.

They can criticize the government for its lapses.

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Only a revolutionary upheaval may lead to a change in a dictatorship. In a democracy, there is an opposition party in the legislature which checks the passing of any arbitrary legislation, while in a dictatorship the dictator is the law maker, law implementer and law adjudicator.

Democracy emphasizes rights whereas Dictatorship emphasizes duties: Democracy lays emphasis on the rights of the individual, whereas dictatorship emphasized duties.

The concept of democracy is based on individual liberty. The greater the individual liberty in a country, the more democratic it will be. The dictators consider individual liberty to be something out of place. They lay stress on the obedience of laws and faithful performance of duties.

The democratic slogan of liberty, equality and fraternity is replaced by them in the form of duty, discipline and sacrifice. Democracy encourages free thought whereas Dictatorship suppresses free thought and action: Democracy believes that freedoms of speech, press and association are the basic postulates of good government.

All political organizations arc banned.Hate speech, misinformation, harassment, terrorism, sexual exploitation: The public’s demand that social media do more about these and other daunting problems is growing.

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Originally Answered: How would you describe the word democracy in your own words? A democracy is a form of self-government characterized by voting for initiatives and issues (and if it’s a representative democracy, for electors and/or candidates for office such as legislative representatives, executives and judges).

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