Department problems

You may also file a complaint online at www. If you have questions about filing an ADA complaint, please call: Main Section Telephone Number:

Department problems

Complaints Complaints All complaints will be addressed in a confidential, courteous, and efficient manner and with respect to the complainant. All staff members are expected to treat all customer complaints objectively and without prejudice, bias, or hostility toward any person.

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Complaints specific to an area of the Police Department are first handled by the appropriate first line supervisor, Department problems by the supervisor of the division, and finally by the Chief of Police.

Complaints against other University employees, other than allegations of sexual harassment or discrimination under the law, are handled through the University's staff or faculty complaint and grievance policies and through coordination of the mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution ADR Program.

Allegations of sexual harassment or discrimination are referred to and coordinated with the University's Office of Equity and Diversity. All complaints regarding Police Department employees will be reviewed and investigated as appropriate.

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Depending on the seriousness of the complaint, an Internal Affairs investigation may be conducted at the direction of the Chief of Police. Once the complaint has been investigated, the person making the complaint will be notified of the findings without delay.

By law, complaints of employee misconduct must be reduced to written form and signed by the complainant to help ensure appropriate documentation of both the nature and substance of the complaint.

Information regarding the Filing of Complaints: It is the policy of the University of North Texas Police Department to receive and investigate complaints concerning its employees. Persons desiring to make a complaint must understand the importance of submitting their complaint in writing with their signature affixed.

The Texas Government Code, Section The Chief of Police has extended this requirement to complaints against all department employees. The Texas Government Code also requires that a copy of the complaint be presented to the employee within a reasonable time and before any disciplinary action may be imposed.

Allegations made in a complaint investigation may have one of the following outcomes: Unfounded - The allegation is false, not factual b. Exonerated - The incident occurred, but was lawful and proper or was justified under the existing conditions.

Not Sustained - There is insufficient evidence to prove or disprove the allegations. Sustained - The allegation is supported by sufficient evidence. A sustained complaint may result in disciplinary action against the employee. Instructions for Filing a Complaint: With the information you provide, and your input, a decision will be made regarding the classification and handling of the complaint, and the complaint will be addressed appropriately.

Department problems

Upon completion of an investigation into a complaint, you will be notified as to the outcome.Former DEP intern Brittany Sprout has begun pursuit of a new dream inspired by her transformative experience working for the agency.

Help with a Problem. Use the links in this section to access the help you need. If you are a health care provider with a complaint about an insurance company, use the Provider Grievance Information Resource to learn about when and how we can help.

For matters . Parental Complaints Should I contact the Department about my complaint? No, Under the Education Act , legally, all schools are managed by the school Board of Management, on behalf of the school patrons or trustees or Education and Training Board (known as the management authority).

Jackson Co Sheriff candidates sound off on department problems, lack of leadership. According to interim Sheriff Darryl Forte, the department has employees no one knows about and missing weapons.

Sep 12,  · Amid hundreds of complaints of water bill spikes and problems with new smart water meters, the city water department has resisted public records requests, dodged its oversight board and misled the public about the extent of the issues, VOSD and NBC 7 found.

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