How to start teaching writing alphabets for kindergarten

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How to start teaching writing alphabets for kindergarten

For most children, that first word is her name. But just how do preschoolers make the jump to writing their names and the other letters of the alphabet? And is there a right and wrong way to teach your child to write? Shaping letters with dough, tracing them on textured paper cutouts, and writing in the sand or salt trays all help children internalize the shape of the letter, while developing their fine motor skills.

Try a few of these hands-on letter formation and name writing activities for beginning writers and your child will have all the skills she needs as a beginning writer.

Have your child write letters in the air first. These large muscle movements will help your child process what she is writing and make it more likely to stick.

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As she writes the letter, have her say the letter name or the directions for writing the letter. Pick up your pencil and cross it. While your child is in the tub, spray a bit of shaving cream on the side of the tub or wall.

Allow your child to practice writing letters, and then erase and try another set. A playful challenge will get your child even more excited to write. Pour a small amount of sand or salt in a cake pan or baking dish.

Allow your child to practice tracing letters without the pressure of more permanent writing utensils such as markers and crayons.

If she makes a mistake, she can simply erase what she wrote and try again. For a non-messy alternative to fingerpaint, put a bit of fingerpaint inside a quart or gallon zipper bag.


Remove the air, seal the bag and double the seal with some masking or duct tape. Your child can practice tracing letters on the outside of the bag, manipulating the paint with no mess or cleanup! When she is ready to move to paper, give her large sheets of paper and show her the strokes to make different letters.

If you can give the letters human characteristics, it will be even more fun! For example, a letter E is a straight line with a hat, a belt and a shoe. Name Writing Before your child begins to write her name, she will need some practice identifying the letters in her name.

Try a few of these fun name games and your child will master her John Hancock in no time! If your child is young, she may find it easier to identify and write all uppercase letters first. Most young children do not have the fine motor control necessary to form lowercase letters and can become quickly frustrated.

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Cut the letters apart and have your child reassemble the letters of her name in the correct order. Click here for more info on how to make your own name puzzle. Allow her to trace the letters with her finger for a tactile name experience!

When she is ready to begin writing her name, write the letters in large letters on a big sheet of paper. Have your child first trace the letters with her finger several times, then the eraser side of the pencil, and then the pencil.

Use a dab of paint on the end of her pointer finger to add a bit of color and even more multisensory practice tracing over the letters. The exciting journey of reading and writing begins with the alphabet.

how to start teaching writing alphabets for kindergarten

Give your child a great start to a lifetime of writing by providing hands-on experiences with writing. These playful interactions will go a long way in creating a positive attitude about writing for your child! More preschool letter formation and name writing activities:When I started a new grade level, I knew I wanted a new clip chart too.

I've been using a clip chart in my classroom since I've attended Rick Morris ' classroom management trainings. He is a classroom management guru! Kindergarten Readiness What a 3 or 4 year old needs to know Here is a list of kindergarten readiness skills based upon a Preschool Inventory given to children at the very end of our local Pre-Kindergarten program.

Kindergarten Teaching Ideas» Writing» Breaking Handwriting Down – How to Teach Handwriting in Kindergarten. Breaking Handwriting Down – How to Teach Handwriting in Kindergarten.

Your preschooler is starting to experiment with letters. Soon she will be writing complete sentences. Here you'll learn to teach your preschooler how to grip a pencil, fundamental writing techniques, and more. Are you Looking for free educational app for your toddler to trace and phonic alphabets? ABC for Kids Learn Alphabet - is free educational game for preschool toddlers, using this game child easily learn abc writing and after practice he will be master in kindergarten. Jun 17,  · Common early writing skills include writing letters to describe ideas, using letters to create words that may or may not be spelled correctly to describe a picture or idea, short written sentences in response to a question and daily journal writing with or without writing prompts%().

By Leslie @KindergartenWorks. Training up writers that can write not only fluently. Teaching the alphabet is foundational for reading and writing. Around the age of 2, children begin showing interest in learning alphabet letters.

While some kids learn letters very quickly, others need more repetition and time to learn letters. Today I’m going to share with you some of my favorite ways to teach the alphabet to little ones. Writing Workshop is a method of teaching writing that allows students to choose their own topics for their own audiences.

Students meet days per week for a minute workshop. The workshop consists of a short lesson, an independent writing period, and sharing time.

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