Keep calm master thesis outline

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Keep calm master thesis outline

However, many do and this aspect of your thesis can be the most difficult to prepare for. You are then required to get up in front of a small panel of professors or possibly a room full of your friends, faculty, and fellow students while presenting your keep calm master thesis outline topic, findings, and argument.

Even seasoned public speakers probably find the defense portion of a thesis intimidating.

keep calm master thesis outline

Sharing some remarkable insight during my Master's thesis defense I have written three theses, and defended two of those three. Even though the defense process is stressful, it is also a really valuable opportunity to interact with an audience and discuss your work.

Without a defense, you never know what people might find most interesting from your research, or learn where you could have done better in terms of stating your argument or backing it up with additional support.

When I completed my most recent thesis it felt like such an anti-climax: I never got to talk about it in depth in front of people prepared to ask educated questions. I assume that no one other than my adviser will ever read it. The exact process and requirements for theses vary from school to school.

Start early You want to begin thinking about the defense months perhaps years before you actually defend your thesis. This is not something that should be thrown together at the last moment.

Attend defenses by other members of your discipline This is such an important step in the process. Watch how the student sets up their research and argument. How much context is provided? How much time is spent on discussion of the literature and background of their topic in proportion to their own research?

Observe the etiquette in the room and the kinds of questions that are asked.

keep calm master thesis outline

Pay attention to how long they take to respond, and how in-depth they go. You can learn just as well from bad defenses as from good ones. By the time a PhD candidate defends their research, they are probably old pros at doing so.

They also have hundreds of pages of research to draw upon, and years of experience working within their department. Watch how they build an argument and how they interact with their advising panel and with the audience in general. Pay attention to how they handle questions.

Try to model your thesis to achieve this level. Prepare for your presentation The presentation portion, unlike the questions, is under your control. Do everything you can to be prepared and even over-prepared for this part of your thesis process.

Prepare as you would for a major speaking event. Do whatever works for you to deliver a calm, well-paced presentation with a clear and well-supported argument. Address the limitations of the scope of your work, and contextualize your argument within the broader discipline and current literature.

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Personally, I favor having a detailed outline with a few quotes per section written in front of me, and otherwise speaking somewhat off the cuff. Regardless, you want to develop an outline, practice your presentation, and time yourself speaking through the whole thing.

If you are using a slide show, put it together well in advance and get some feedback on it. DO NOT pack the slideshow with too much information. Show graphs and pictures, or a few quotes. Model these decisions on the conventions in your department.

What's standard in other undergraduate thesis defenses? What have you observed the PhD candidates do? Prepare for the questions Are there obvious questions that arise from your work?ELEGGUA, WHO IS HE? WHAT MUSIC IS PLAYED TO HONOUR HIM. by Jeanne Schmartz – University of Amsterdam, Musicology () Coached by .

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