Live in the present with memories

February 27, A new study suggests social competition could be behind the increase in brain size.

Live in the present with memories

It was started by two Fordham students, Joe Marchesani and Tom Luciani, who had been friends since childhood having grown up in the s in the same Bronx neighborhood. Although they lived a few blocks away from each other, and attended different elementary and high schools, they always remained in touch continuing to spend time together especially during summer.

This came about thanks to the religious sisters of my elementary school.

Susan E. Mazer, Ph.D. Blog He was a loving husband to Alice V.

To make this chore easier, I did it at night and on weekends while tuning in AM radio. Jive Smalls, and others. After that, I bought one group record each time my budget allowed it.

As the s progressed, I became a big fan of the music and attended Alan Freed shows and movies. The names of current vocal groups and my favorite songs decorated the covers of my elementary school notebooks.

This passion continued through high school even though the African-American groups were beginning to be pushed aside by white artists. However, he caught up. When I began to attend Fordham in the early s, where Tom was already a student, we spent a great deal of time together fervently trying to find and enjoy the old group music on the air.

When these people went off the air, we wanted to do what we could to keep the music alive. So, in the summer ofwith the help of a friend who was an electronics expert, we constructed our own low-power radio station to broadcast to the immediate neighborhood on AM.

As a result of the publicity surrounding our little, homemade radio station, we became know to the people at WFUV; and we joined the station as staff announcers and hosts of various classical and light, popular music shows for which the station was then known.

He agreed to do it for awhile as an experiment, and to everyone's surprise, the show lasted for almost 15 years. The TCS was now on the air in these two major cities each week. The response in Philadelphia was every bit as good as in New York.

In September ofsoon after I announced to the WRTI staff that I was moving to Iowa, they decided to drop the program despite many protests from listeners. It was never replaced. After relocating to Iowa, I continued to record the program, and mailed it to Tom for airplay until the last show on December 31,which was done live.

Five things made the TCS stand out when it began: The TCS was probably the first show of its kind to treat the artists, the records, and the music with great seriousness and respect.Memory is malleable, and many researchers believe that it can be improved.

But it also tends to decline naturally as we age and it can be corrupted by dementia as well as brain injury, trauma, or.

Live in the present with memories

Edited memories provided by Dennis Skinner in November The original memories were recorded by his father George Skinner. MY MEMORIES OF BANSTEAD ARP in WWII. The werewolf is a creature that exists only for a brief period around the full moon.

"Thoughts are fleeting, that's why we write"

At any other time, a werewolf is a normal human. However, the term werewolf is used for both the wolf-like creature and the normal human. A werewolf can be distinguished from a true wolf physically by several small distinguishing characteristics, including the pupils, snout, and tufted tail.

Do you have some good memories -- spiritual memories -- to savor today? Let God use the good things from your past to remind you to enjoy life in the present.

Because every good memory is a gift from God to spur you on. YOUR MEMORIES ARE OUR BUSINESS.

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