Project report on amul ice cream

After analyzing the vision and mission of the company it is pretty sure that the company would strive to expand its distribution network, would involve its manpower in creative marketing, plan for consumer education and product innovation, would leverage effectively on rising levels, grow affluence among Indian consumers and would tap the rising demand for new value added products. Amul has around 2. Amul has often had a special connection with the film industry. A collation of some of the brilliant Amul adverts over the years is as follows:

Project report on amul ice cream

Therefore, in order to generate a positive interest as well as create a transformational impact on a vast majority of our fellow citizens towards genuinely contributing to nation-building, it is essential to look at how we can transform rural India.

The low and highly fluctuating farm income is causing an adverse impact on the interest in agriculture among the younger generation of farmers, forcing many to leave this occupation.

This may lead to serious detrimental effects on the future of agriculture in India. Hence, the goal set by our Hon. Achieving this goal will promote inclusive growth, infuse dynamism in the agriculture sector and also attract youth towards the farming profession.

More than one-fifth of rural households with self-employment in agriculture as their principal occupation still live below the poverty line.

Other parallel measures are also required, such as enhancement in productivity, leveraging on technology and awareness on scientific farm management practices, resource-use efficiency enabling savings in cost of production, diversification towards higher value agricultural produce, increasing cropping intensity, and broadening livelihood options in rural environment by shifting cultivators from crop-cultivation to non-cultivation occupations.

Institutional mechanisms for collective action such as Cooperatives or Farmer Producer Organisations which can enable pooling of resources, group marketing, and post-harvest value addition, would go a long way towards ensuring that farmers derive benefits of scale through large collective alliances.

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There is definitely an over-dependence of workforce on crop cultivation resulting in significant under-employment. Indian agriculture is dominated by marginal and small farmers, who suffer serious disadvantage in terms of scale.

Tiny landholdings are not economically viable on their own because of their scale factor, poor bargaining strength, and lack of access to market. Small land holdings compel the farmer to use traditional methods of farming and limit productivity.

A farm household needs to have at least one hectare of land to make ends meet every month. This means that four out of five farm households are simply not able to make ends meet through crop cultivation alone. Growth in income from cultivation has been only 3. The growth in income from livestock has been much faster at Doubling real income of farmers till over the base year of when our Prime Minister announced this goal requires an annual growth of This requires a sharp acceleration in the previously achieved growth rates.

It is obvious that livestock at To enhance their income, there is an urgent need to put special attention towards the growth of the livestock sector. Livestock is the lifeline of the farmers and plays a crucial role in the rural economy and livelihood.

Project report on amul ice cream

It provides livelihood to two-third of the rural community and contributes 4. The increasing contribution of livestock is hinting towards a structural shift in the agricultural sector in the country. The policymakers are now recognizing livestock as the engine of agriculture growth.

Research studies have reported reduction in rural poverty being more responsive to growth in the livestock sector than growth in the crop sector.

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Evidence from other developing countries also suggests that livestock can serve as an important pathway to poverty reduction. Animal husbandry can be an entry point for reducing poverty among landless and near landless households. Livestock are the best insurance against the vagaries of nature like drought, famine, and other natural calamities.

They supplement family income and generate gainful self-employment, particularly for landless labourers, small and marginal farmers, and women.

Within livestock, the dairy sector is the most significant and is truly the economic backbone of rural India. India is the global leader in milk production and also the largest and fastest growing market in the world for milk and milk products.

Welcome to Site Education. Share on Facebook; Share on Google+; Tweet; Pin it; Share on LinkedIn; [email protected] Amul's product range includes milk powders, milk, butter, ghee, cheese, curd, chocolate, ice cream, cream, shrikhand, paneer, gulab jamuns, basundi, Nutramul brand and others. Situation of farmers Over five decades ago, the life of an average farmer in Kheda District was very much like that of his/her counterpart anywhere else in India. Its products, including milk powders, liquid milk, flavoured milk (Amul Kool), Sweetened Condensed Milk, butter, ghee, cheese, chocolate, ice cream, pizza, paneer, shrikhand, Cream, Mithaee, Amul Masti Dahi and the Amul shakti & Nutramul brand of Health food drink are widely used throughout India and abroad and have made Amul the largest food.

Therefore, in order to double the income of farmers, it is important to focus mainly on the dairy sector especially for the small categories of farmers. Dairy is an equitable agri-occupation with seven crore rural households in India depending on dairying for livelihood.

In most of these rural households, women take care of the dairying business and thereby contribute economically to family income.

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Dairying is not just a large economic activity but also an integral part of our social and cultural heritage. Its uniqueness lies in its unifying power, in the fact that no other industry touches lives of millions of farmers.project on amul ice cream-pdf file 1.

1 2. 2 project report on “gap analysis of amul ice-creams in metro market of west bengal‚ this study was conducted from 4th . Welcome to Site Education. Share on Facebook; Share on Google+; Tweet; Pin it; Share on LinkedIn; [email protected] It is really a matter of pleasure for me to get an opportunity to thank all the persons who contributed directly or indirectly for the successful completion of the project report, “ Ice Cream Industry ”.

Project Report On Amul Ice Cream.

Project report on amul ice cream

nobody is happier than the ice-cream manufacturers who are already filling their ice-boxes with dollops of new, mouthwatering flavours. Out there in front is the hungry-for-growth Rs 3,crore (Rs 35 billion).

amul ice cream project pdf download; Important..! amul ice cream project report, chips cream, ice cream palour management system, business studies class 12 project on ice cream, parlour books, cream separators bowl, marketing strategy of amul ice cream. Creambell is an ice cream company in India, established by the RJ Corporation in Creambell is located in 19 states in India.

Creambell is located in 19 states in India. [1].

project report on amul ice cream