Solar energy in north african region essay

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Solar energy in north african region essay

Aggregating North Africa’s energy transition

The International Energy Agency estimated that the potential from concentrated solar power technology alone could amount to times the electricity demand of North Africa, the Middle East and Europe combined. As recently as there have been efforts to adopt a framework that would allow importing renewable energy from Morocco to Germany—through France and Spain—but electricity trade between countries typically becomes reality when there are economic benefits for all sides.

Electricity trade has the added benefit of fostering closer political ties. Expanding regional trade between North Africa and Europe has also been hindered by inadequate physical electrical connections between the two continents and poor physical integration in European electricity grids.

There is currently only one electrical transmission interconnection between North Africa and Europe, namely the Morocco-Spain connection.

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At the same time, Spain had excess generation capacity because of the economic downturn experienced in Europe over the past several years. That made impractical the notion of allowing North African renewable energy into the Spanish market.

Italy, another potential electricity gateway from North Africa, was in a similar situation. Recognizing that energy market integration is essential to achieving its ambitious renewable energy RE targets, the European Union EU has now made reinforcement of electricity transmission interconnections a priority.

The EU has set an interconnection capacity target of at least 10 percent of the power generation capacity for each member country. Map of global horizontal irradiation. A planned, second submarine cable through the Bay of Biscay west of the Pyrenees will bring the France-Spain interconnection capacity to 5, MW, but this line is not expected to come online until after The EU promised significant funding for all three projects.

The new targets are expected to increase the low-carbon energy sources in the EU to 37 percent bywhich also highlights the urgency of investments in transmission infrastructure and transfer capabilities among EU member countries to increase power system flexibility to accommodate the higher RE share.

The cost of importing clean power from certain North African countries to Europe is minimal in comparison to the savings achieved from better solar and wind conditions on the southern Mediterranean shores. Morocco, in particular, already has an existing 1, MW link with Spain and a successful solar and wind energy programs that will see the addition of at least 4, MW of wind and solar capacity in the next 5 years.

In this respect, importing clean power from Morocco is feasible without significant investments in transmission infrastructure. Algeria, which has had a long and fruitful energy trading relationship with Europe, is the second-largest gas supplier to the EU outside the region, after Russia.

Much of these gas imports are used for power generation. Lastly, more integration with North Africa creates more opportunities to increase employment and economic stability in a region that has recently been marred by significant political upheaval.

There is a win-win opportunity for both Europe and North Africa to increase their energy integration and establish a mechanism for renewable energy trading.The Race to Solar-Power Africa When solar energy first came to Africa, it was expensive and unreliable.

Because one of the biggest obstacles to the growth of solar power in the region is.

Solar energy in north african region essay

More than million people live in the Middle East and North Africa - a region which is very hot in summer and where climate change is already evident. The number of extremely hot days has doubled since "In future, the climate in large parts of the Middle East and North Africa could change in such a manner that the very existence of .

Development of Wind Energy in Africa Alli D. Mukasa1, Emelly Mutambatsere2, NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization NREA New and Renewable Energy Authority (Egypt) Region Total Renewable Energy Solar Wind Hydro Geothermal Africa 18 24 8 11 9.

Solar Power from North Africa.

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Frameworks and Prospects. RP 3. May Berlin. Spain and Italy) and North Africa – the target region for implementation of the plans. Our analysis identifies structural and political ob-stacles at three levels: national, regional (within the sion for solar energy also serves Europe’s security. Clean Energy Scholarship Application Form After completing the below form please be sure to attach the following supporting information.

If you are unable to attach files or someone is sending them on your behalf, please email them to MREA at [email protected] and indicate this . The sub-Saharan Africa is, China is promising to train 10, technicians from Africa and other developing countries in the use of solar energy technologies over the next five years.

Its cuisine reflects that. Ugali and fufu are eaten in the region. Central African cuisine is very starchy and spicy hot.

Dominant crops include plantains.

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