Stress related depression connecting the dots essay

Her journey through the discovery, diagnosis and understanding of depression is something everyone should connect with, no matter their personal struggle. For me, this is not a piece about the fact that Meghan has a disease and is now making her triumphant march toward a more stable life. This is a piece about Meghan accepting her reality, getting the right help and being brave enough to share her story with others.

Stress related depression connecting the dots essay

Anxiety and depression Anxiety and depression In nowadays communities, socialization is the main reason for living and enjoying life, but a group of people may disagree with that, because they may have depression at high levels.

Depression is a psychological illness that lead the person to have an antagonistic impact over everything or specific things. People with depression can have different reasons for feeling down. It can lead to anxiety, lack of self-confident or even deliberate self-harming and committing suicide, so people with this ill tend to treat it with any possible way so they can enjoy their lives.

The factors for depression differ from one individual to another. Some reasons happened because of the society, and others are mentally. Family problems are one of many reasons for depression especially for children.

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Certain types of families can develop this kind of problem if the parents are in continues arguments and fights without thinking carefully that it can lead their children to think that this fight is because of them causing depression and anxiety for the kids.

Another reason for it is bullying. Bullying is the act for one person or a group to harass or make fun of and disrespect someone, and it happens everywhere but it emphasizes on schools and social networks.

The impact for bullying can lead the person to think that it is more suitable if he disappeared and start to develop depression and self dis-respect if it continues.

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Recently on social-networks something went viral over the past weeks and it called: It makes fun of all the people whom appeals are not on the regular standards and try to make them feel worried about how they look, and finally leads to feel depress and low self- confident.

Anxiety and lack of self-confident are some results for depression so as self-harming. Anxiety the feel of fear of something or doing certain thing is one of the numerous results of depression. Depression can cause the individual to harm himself by using razors and attempt to cut themselves very often.


In some cases that can upgrade to become a suicide attempts. Inthere were an estimated Depression treated in many ways. Nowadays, there are facilities and organizations to help those who fell depressed to overcome this mental state and continue their live as they should.

These facilities make you talk about your problems, listen to the others, do charity works, and play some sports such as yoga and hiking. In short, people with anxiety, low self-confident, and attempt to harm themselves are under a mental state of depression in any kind.

Which caused by many reasons in real life, or cyberspace and lead to uncomfortable way of living for the person, but luckily, it can treated by a specific facilities. Finally, people control their happiness and the way they live, so nobody can make you happy or depressed but yourself.

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Jun 24,  · On Campus, Failure Is on the Syllabus. A Smith College initiative called “Failing Well” is one of a crop of university programs that aim to help high achievers cope with basic setbacks. A Truly Uplifting Essay on Depression.

diagnosis and understanding of depression is something everyone should connect with, no matter their personal struggle. For me, this is not a piece about the fact that Meghan has a disease and is now making her triumphant march toward a more stable life.

Stress related depression connecting the dots essay

I had one sleepless night and thought of it. University freshman becomes latest casualty of adenovirus. A University of Maryland student died on Sunday from complications related to adenovirus, which has claimed many lives in recent months. Stress can come in many forms. Anxiety causes stress, depression causes stress, and life events can also cause stress.

On the other hand, stress can also trigger a major depressive disorder.

Stress related depression connecting the dots essay

One theory of how stress can cause depression has its roots in the brain's mood and pleasure pathways. General Topics. Recently Added or Revised Articles.

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