Training consulting business plan

Testimonials Read what some of our clients are saying about our services and training. Ernesto went well beyond our expectations in making suggestions in other directions that we could take our business to a different level… One of the best benefits was that he showed us an area where we could immediately save a few thousand dollars which basically paid for his services with money left over. I wanted to pass along a few of the comments I heard from the members about your Sales Training: He is always willing to help with a very professional attitude, without reservations or concerns with other matters that may potentially interfere.

Training consulting business plan

The temporary loss of an employee due to sickness, family emergency, vacation leave, departure or training consulting business plan reasons leaves the company susceptible to decreased productivity, lost revenue, a lower bottom line, and strained customer relations.

In order to be effective, it must be done both vertically and horizontally throughout the organization.

Managers need to cross-train into jobs of other managers, as well as into lower-level jobs. It provides operational readiness that cannot be achieved with a temp employee.

training consulting business plan

With cross-trained employees, you can easily move employees from one department to another department to take care of these fluctuations without missing a beat. As well as the company deriving benefits, the employees also benefit. Cross-training works as a great morale booster and a unique developer of leadership skills.

Campbell, Carrison, and Osteryoung contributed to the following guidelines for creating a successful cross-training program master plan: Identify the specific critical tasks for which cross-training is needed. Identify the proper people who will be capable of performing the cross-training tasks.

For example, a mailroom clerk would not be capable of learning and performing facilities maintenance duties, while a factory mechanic could easily pick up those duties.

Match the skill set and learning capability of the people to be cross-trained with the skills required for a particular position. Explain the reason for cross-training and the benefits to the employees to remove any question of both the person being trained and the person whose job is being cross-trained.

Remove any suspicions that the program is designed to eliminate jobs or a particular person. Schedule adequate funds, time, training materials, and training facilities in order to accomplish the cross-training. Reduce the workload during the training process since it will take the new person longer to perform the task until proficiency is achieved.

Create a recognition and reward program for employees who have satisfactorily finished cross-training.


Show the employees that cross-training represents an integral part of their overall development plan. First of all, morale is big in this economy and employees who believe that management is concerned with their enrichment will work harder; second, cross-training helps insure that customers will receive their product or service on time and on budget without any glitches.

It also erases differences and unhealthy competition between departments. Institute a cross-training program to keep your business on the right track.

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